Announcements for December 8, 2019

Tour of Homes  |  Saturday, December 7th

The bi-annual Tour of Homes is scheduled for Saturday, 11:30 – 6:30pm.  We have several amazing houses and a business on this year’s tour.  Please start at the church, enjoy some refreshments and place a bid on one of the trees up for silent auction in the vestibule.   Thank you for your support!

CRISP family |  DEADLINE December 8

We have adopted a CRISP family for Christmas presents.  The “ornaments” are on the tree in the front hallway with the requests on them.  Please take as many as you like!  Also, please note that they do NOT want them wrapped but you can provide paper if you would like.  Thank you for your participation.  Any questions, please contact Liz Hansen at 462 3987.


At the direction of the Church Council we are going to have a task force to review our security in the church.  This will look at property and confidentiality issues.  If you would be willing to be on this task force, please let Meisha know.  If you have any questions, please talk with task force chairperson, Jerry Swanson, 424-210-6194.


God’s Next Chapter…

To date we have received 42 pledge cards.  Thank you if you are among those, and a reminder to those of you who have not yet had opportunity to participate that our finance committee and council will soon be working to develop the operating ministry budget for our next fiscal year.  If you do not have a pledge card, please know that pledge cards are available on the usher’s table or feel free to call the church office to have one sent to you.   Please feel free to leave your completed pledge card in the office mailbox or in the offering plate.  Thank you!!

Change in Office Hours THIS week

Meisha will be in the office on Tuesday morning this week and out of the office on Wednesday, December 11th to attend a presentation in conjunction with her daughters graduation from UNI in a few weeks.


Over in the CRISP office, they have come across a pretty good price of $16.99 for kids snowpants and are hoping to find some snowpant “sponsors” so they can purchase some of the sizes they are extremely short on.  Snowpant sponsor checks can be mailed to CRISP at 210 W. Green Street, Winterset.  THANK YOU!!!   Please call Amy Nolan at 515-462-9400 if you have any questions.

“Have You Heard?” | Sunday, December 15th – both services

Please join us next week as the St. Paul Adult Choir will be presenting their annual cantata at both services entitled “Have You Heard?” A Celtic Christmas Celebration by Joel Raney.

Devotions | Sunday, December 29th

We will be holding devotions at Azria (formerly Westbridge) and Madison Square at 2:30 & 3:15 pm respectively on Sunday December 29th.  Please consider being a part of this, they look forward to your visit.