Pastor Heidi L. Williams

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Pastor Heidi Williams came to St. Paul Sunday, August 6; she will serve as Interim Pastor until a new pastor has been called by the congregation.

Greetings in the name of Jesus! I am Iowa born and raised, both in central and southeast Iowa. I graduated from Drake University in 1977 and from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in 1984. Over the last 39 years, I’ve served parishes under call in Philadelphia, PA (12 years) and Slater, Iowa (14 years). Somewhere among those same years, I have served seven parishes in interim positions, and have been a roofer and a reporter/photographer for a small town newspaper. 

I am delighted to partner with you in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to walk with you in your path in faith and life, and to share the Word in preaching and the precious gift of God’s eternal grace in the sacraments. Let us pray together and individually for one another, for God’s Spirit to guide our life together for the sake of his love being lived out among each of us and all of us. May God bless our work and worship with a joy that “shines out like shook foil” (Gerard Manley Hopkins), i.e. a joy that flashes noisily (me).  

~ Heidi L. Williams

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