Pastor Ioan Ittu

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My first name is pronounced: You-Wan. It is a bit unusual because I was born in Romania in 1980. My family was lucky enough to be able to come to the U.S. when I was 3 years old and I grew-up in LA. I grew up poor and the only kid of a single mom who worked two night shift jobs as a nurse. She retired in 2020 and joined my wife and I in our move to Iowa. She is very happy with her two orange tabby cats in Des Moines and often comes to Winterset to make sure that “her yard” (my house’s yard) is in good order.

After graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, I went to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. I received an emphasis in Mission and Evangelism when I graduated from Seminary in 2009 with a Master of Divinity. 

My first decade of ministry were in calls to small struggling Lutheran congregations that were committed to renewal. I have a passion for ministry in congregations seeking growth. I believe that there is always someone out there for us as a church to love on and welcome into the family of God. 

I think that what it really means to be a pastor is to love people. Loving people on good days and through the bad days. Being the pastor at St. Paul is a daily privilege of being able to love my neighbors with good Christian friends. St. Paul (and Winterset for the most part) is a place where good people want to be kind to each other, and that’s been wonderful to be part of.

My wife, Deb, grew-up in Des Moines. She is excited to be back among family for this next stage of life and starting a family. Deb is a Marriage and Family therapist, and was a grant writer for school districts for many years. She has two entitled cats that demand belly rubs. I love Coca-Cola even though I’m allergic to sugar. I am a fierce and ruthless boardgames competitor, and will bankrupt an 11-year-old at Monopoly without mercy. A great day off for me looks like getting errands done, then some Netflix with Deb, topped off by a dinner with friends where lots of meat served and everyone compliments the pie I made.  

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