Epistle 22: Twila’s message

The members of St. Paul Lutheran Church are a busy bunch.  God has gifted us generously, and we are using these gifts to His glory.  Some of us sing in the choir, some teach, some give warmth and comfort through quilting.  But groups are not meeting now.  So it may be that we are looking for something to do.

God indeed gives us many different gifts, but there is one special gift that is given to each of us.  The gift of prayer.  In Thessalonians we are urged to pray without ceasing.

I am part of a group that uses that gift often.  I’d like to invite you to join us in the Prayer Chain.  All you need to do is call me (515-462-1505) and I’ll get you started.  You can get the call to pray by phone or by email, your choice.  We only ask when you get the call – you pray.  Most of us keep a list and continue praying at other times.  Since the middle of February we have worked on six projects.

Don’t know how to pray?  Read Romans 8, especially verses 26 & 27.  “And this is the boldness we have in him (Christ), that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us”.  1 John 5:14

Even if you decide not to join the Prayer Chain, may I suggest that you pray for the members of St. Paul.  If you have a directory, you can pray through the alphabet.  Or you can do it the way I do.  Start by praying for those who sit in “your” pew.  I start with all my acolytes, Blake Acton, Kendrick Blanchard, etc…  Nobody sits in front of me, so I look across the aisle and I pray for Pastor Brian.  Next time it will be Jeff & Lori Wells and Troy & Erin Gwinner.  Maybe you can pray for the person you always expect to see when you come to worship.

Don’t forget let your children join you.  They may have a favorite person in church.  Encourage them to pray for their friends.  Soon you will find yourself talking with God more and more often.

“Pray without ceasing.”

Put me on your list, please.


Church office phone: 515-462-4270
Church office email: StPaulLutheranChurch@hotmail.com
Pastor Brian Mortenson email: StPaulPastor1941@gmail.com
Pastoral Emergencies: 605-351-0867