Epistle #34: “O Give Thanks”

I was asked if I would be interested in writing one of the epistles for St. Paul.  I do not consider myself a writer but I will give this try.

Here we go again with another week where kids are not in school, moms and dads are working from home and businesses are closed, yet we are seeing some good news on the horizon as a few more businesses are opening their doors and people are out enjoying nature.  Still these days are far from normal and it’s okay to have days when you feel sad, confused, and even overwhelmed, but l hope you can all find some normal times in your days and experience joy and thankfulness in your hearts.  May our hearts be full with peace and joy with the knowledge that God’s greatest gift to us is his son Jesus who suffered, died and rose from the dead for us!  The hymn “I know that My Redeemer Lives” brings great comfort to my soul.
Thank you for sending your son Jesus.
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

Farming:  Life on the farm continues much like every year, only this year we have grandsons that are helping out!   Baby calves are being born daily, corn and soybean planting is nearly done!  (I think this is the earliest we’ve ever been done with planting!)  We will certainly have weather concerns as we do every year, machinery will break down and we will have prices that we cannot control but farm life gives us the wonderful opportunity to have a personal connection to the land where we can see and feel God’s presence everywhere in nature.
I am thankful for this life.
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

Music:  This past week I decided I would attempt to play all the hymns in the hymn book on the church organ.   I was able to do this in four mornings by playing one verse of each song, (or more if I really liked the song).  Initially I thought of this as a challenge and opportunity to have some practice time on the organ but as I began the process it became so much more, for as you see hymns are really prayers set to music and as I prayed through each song this time became very meaningful.  I thought of you dear St. Paul members as some hymns would bring you to my mind (as I know what some of your favorites are!) and some brought tears to my eyes as I remember playing them for funerals for former members.  I am looking forward to the time when soon we can worship together and again sing our favorite hymns.
Music is a gift from God and can comfort our souls and bring joy to our hearts.
I am thankful for music in my life.
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

St. Paul church:  I know many of you have been reaching out to our community with your talents, resources and prayers.  God is working in our community even though we are not able to gather in person.   I urge you all to continue to listen to your heart where God is calling you each day.   Please know that I am happy to run errands for you or just give me a call as I am missing you too!   515 468-0636
I am thankful for my St. Paul church family.
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;

Psalms 118:1 O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His lovingkindness endures forever.

Hebrews 12:28 Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, and offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship with reverence and awe;

Peace and love,
Georgine Bellamy

Here is one of my favorite hymns:

763      My Life Flows On in Endless Song
My life flows on in endless song;
above earth’s lamentation,
I catch the sweet, though far-off hymn
that hails a new creation.

No storm can shake my inmost calm
while to that Rock I’m clinging.
Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth,
how can I keep from singing?

Through all the tumult and the strife,
I hear that music ringing.
It finds an echo in my soul
How can I keep from singing?  Refrain

What though my joys and comforts die?
The Lord my Savior liveth.
What though the darkness gather round?
Songs in the night he giveth.  Refrain

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,
a fountain ever springing!
All things are mine since I am his!
How can I keep from singing?  Refrain

Text: Robert Lowry, 1826-1899


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