EPISTLE #93 – Friday Update! Saturday/Sunday Worship Services, Blood Drive & More!

1. Join us outdoors this Saturday, September 12 at 5:00 pm or Sunday, September 13 at 10:00 am. This week’s sermon is based on Matthew 18:21-35. Below you will find a devotion based on our Scripture:
      “As often happens, Peter serves here as spokesperson for all the disciples. With his question about forgiveness, he even supplies a ready-made response that he apparently thinks quite generous: How about seven times? While rabbinical rules said one should forgive three times, Peter more than doubles that!
But Jesus basically says, Don’t keep score, Peter. After all, think how often God has forgiven you! And if you want to live in communion with God, you too must forgive without limit.
Jesus knew that revenge had cast very long shadows over millennia of human history. Seeking revenge or wallowing in resentment over past hurts does not heal a relationship; neither does it make life better for the one who was hurt. Jesus brings God’s light to dispel the shadows of insult and injury. Jesus reveals God’s grace personally – in his very person – and teaches us how to live out God’s loving forgiveness. The first step we and Peter learn is: No counting!”

2.  Parishioners are asked to bring lawn chairs and blankets for gathering on the church lawn. During a time of meet and greet after the worship services, we are all invited to bring our own picnic lunch to enjoy a time of fellowship.

Health and Safety Protocols for Outdoor Worship and Fellowship

The Congregational Council approved the following worship plan for the first three weeks in September:

  • Worship will  be held outdoors on the south church lawn, and a speaker system will be used.
  • Saturday’s abbreviated version will begin at 5:00 pm.
  • Sunday’s service will begin at 10:00 am.
  • Please wear a mask on the church property; you will be provided one if needed.
  • Six feet social distancing between famiy groups will be observed. The ushers will assist you with seating as needed.
  • Greet others with a wave, a nod, a bow, a fist or elbow bump.
  • Offering will be collected upon your arrival.
  •  We encourage worshipers to use the rest room before attending the worship service. If the
    bathroom must be used, signs have been posted on proper use, including sanitizing protocols.
  • Should it be raining, we will move indoors and implement all of the above.

3. For those who cannot attend worship Saturday or Sunday, Pastor Ioan’s message will be posted online on Mondays (instead of Sundays) for the next two weeks.
4. Semi-Annual Meeting – POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER
5. We have new emails in the office! Please use the following:
Pastor Ioan:  Pastorioan@stpaullutheranchurch.net
Dalene (Office Manager): Office@stpaullutheranchurch.net

6.  Cookies Needed for Blood Drive! Our next Blood Drive will be Tuesday, September 15. We need cookies & canteen workers! Please bring your donation to the church before noon Tuesday. Also, if you are able to donate blood, please call 1-800-287-4903 to schedule your appointment!
7.  Thank you for wearing your masks for worship. It means a lot to me! – Pastor Ioan
8.  Christ in Our Home Devotionals for the 4th quarter are now available from the church office. Let the office know (office@stpaullutheranchurch.net)  if you’d like one placed in your church mailbox or would like one mailed to you.



Church office phone: 515-462-4270

Church email: office@stpaullutheranchurch.net

Pastor Ioan Ittu email: Pastorioan@stpaullutheranchurch.net

Pastoral emergencies phone: 626-419-6331