From Pastor Ittu!


Hello Winterset Friends,

I’m excited to make my way to you all by the end of August.

Lots of decisions happening these days to get us to September 1st and my first day as your pastor.

Deb (my fiancé) is flying into Des Moines the first weekend in August looking at houses in Winterset.  Pray with me that she finds her dream house and my LA condo sells quickly.  She is going to be able to celebrate her big sister’s birthday on August 9th while she’s out there.  Deb grew up in Des Moines and her sister now lives in Bondurant.  Deb is a marriage and family therapist.  She just started the process of closing down her therapy business in LA and getting all the professional license stuff she needs in Iowa.  She won’t likely come out to join me in Winterset till sometime this November after we get married.

For those who are wondering, we are getting married on Oct. 12th at a beach house near San Diego, CA.  COVID made things weird.  So, we are only having a small elopement style wedding with just four guests.  We decided that we will have a big renewal of vows and more traditional reception after COVID is over when we can gather 150 people safely.

I’m thankful to all the care and welcome shown to me, Deb and my mom by the Call Committee and Council.  (Mama Ittu is coming to Winterset too. Watch out for that one!)  Folks are sharing good information with me about the community.  I find myself dreaming of all we can do and different ways we can share the love God put in us.  I’m excited to get to know you and work with you.

Be well.  Be safe.  Be good to each other.

Ioan Ittu


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