Worship/Praise Band and Parent’s Night Out

Hello St. Paul Parents!
Reminder:  God Squad resumes TOMORROW from 5:20-6:30, drop off at 5:15.  Because the Jr. High-High School youth group is now meeting at St. Paul a worship service and praise band will occupy the sanctuary from 6:30 to 7.  This worship is open to all children however, so if you’re late to pick up your child or choose to pick up later than the 6:30 time the kids can either play in the nursery or will be invited to the group worship.  Because there’s a band, I think the kids might be drawn to this service so they are welcome to attend while waiting for their parents.  I know there’s homework and lots to do in the evenings, but I will be there until the worship ends at 7, so we wanted to make sure that parents knew the opportunity is there for them to attend following the 6:30 dismissal if you choose…even if for a few minutes while they wait.  God Squad official end time is still 6:30.
Now, for the main news..We will be holding our Parent’s Night Out event on Saturday Feb. 11 from 5-8 p.m.  The event is $5 per child and includes dinner, snacks, face painting, board games, crafts, activities and a movie,  This is open to babies through 6th grade!
We are asking for volunteers so if you know any Junior High or High School kids (Or adults!) that want to assist with this event please send them my way.
Last year’s event was a huge success and we can’t wait to do it again.  We keep the kids very busy the entire time and then we wind them down with a kid-friendly movie in the sanctuary at the very end.  Kids had so much fun last year that parents were literally trying to pull them out the doors when it was time to go home.
Because last year’s event filled up and we can only take so many kids I am opening this event up to our St. Paul parents and St. Paul family friends this first week before advertising it to the public.  If you want to sign your child up please send me an email at courtney.keiser@gmail.com, please include your emergency contact number and any allergies your child has.  The dinner will be something kid friendly…last year we had pizza and chicken nuggets as the main dish.  The $5 is paid at the door.  Please sign up ASAP!
Parents' Night Out