Spring Break Is Here!

Happy SPRING BREAK!   Just a reminder that there will be no God Squad on Wednesday, March 23rd.  But, there will be Sunday school this upcoming Sunday, March 20th (no music as Beth is out of town and the nursery is closed).  I will be out of town March 19-24th.

Our younger Sunday school classes covered Mary Anoints Jesus (John 12:1-8) and our older class discussed suffering and Jesus’ betrayal, arrest and trial this week.

Our God Squad classes covered a combination of Jesus Enters Jerusalem, (Luke 19:28-40 and John 20:1-18).  The younger kids made “Happy Easter” cards with Roxann and Liz to send to those in the community and church that need a little pick-me-up. The kids really enjoy this! Their favorite part is adding sprinkles to the letter!  Tom’s class celebrated March Madness in their own spinoff “Bible Madness.”  This concludes our Jesus Lives lesson and we will now enter the Believe unit following Spring Break.

I promised to update you on the details of our extra activities.  I’ve been working to get these scheduled and we are almost there.  Below are the dates that you can put on your calendar.  More details and sign up will come as soon as everything is finalized!

On March 27th in between services, we’ll have two Easter egg hunts set up for the kids (one for the little kids and one for the older).  The egg hunts will begin around 8:45, depending on when the kids finish their breakfast. If you have candy to donate there is a box marked “Easter candy” in the kitchen area.  The eggs will have a mix of candy, stickers, stamps, temporary tattoos and other trinkets to give the kids a variety. I know all about Easter-candy overload!

The April 3rd Sunday school session will take place in the children’s garden with Jim Nelson and Susan Brakhane. Because the kids will plant and perform hands-on gardening activities during this time, please send them in play clothes if possible.

The end of the year party for our Sunday school kids will be held on Sunday, April 24th (last day of SS) from 9-10:20 a.m.  I’ll have a small breakfast for the kids (most likely donuts and cinnamon rolls), games set up outside and a bounce house!   If you wish to help out with the event or donate some of the breakfast items please let me know!

The last day of God Squad is Wednesday, April 27th.  Following dinner Tom, Roxanne, Liz, Courtney and helpers will walk the kids over to Fareway to shop for the food and PAW pantries with the children’s offering and classroom change they have collected!

St. Paul’s first Parents’ Night Out is scheduled for Saturday, May 14th from 5:30-8:30 p.m.  Take some time to yourself and bring the kids to church!  Courtney, Nate and our youth volunteers will have dinner, snacks, games and various faith-based activities to keep the kids busy!  More details, time frame, cost and sign up will be available soon.

St. Paul will host three children’s classes during summer break!  The first gardening session is scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd with Jim Nelson and Susan Brakhane.  A cooking class with Heidi Boyd is scheduled for Sunday, June 5th.   Kristy Hoefing will also lead a Kool-Aid and Canvas class (date will be scheduled soon).   More details, time frame, cost and sign up will be available soon.