We Spread The Word Two By Two

Our St. Paul kids had a fun week!  I heard a lot of cheering and laughing from the classrooms on Sunday and Wednesday.  I just absolutely love seeing those smiling, excited faces!

If you’ve heard your kiddos singing “Hip-hip-hippopotamus, hip hip hooray God made all of us,” it’s because it has quickly become one of the kids’ favorite songs to sing with Beth at Sunday School.  Our younger classes discussed “Temptation” and (Luke 4:1-13) and our fourth through sixth-grade kids studied what it means to be a “Disciple” and “Fishers of Men,”and (Luke 5:1-11). The God Squad students enjoyed a meal provided by one of our generous hospitality teams.  Each week, I plan to practice a new prayer with your children during dinner. I encourage you to let them lead the prayer at home every now and then once they have memorized the weekly prayers. This week’s prayer was “God we thank you for this food, for rest and home and all things good.  For wind and rain and sun above, but most of all for those we love. Amen.”

The God Squad classes covered “We Spread the Word of Jesus Two by Two” and (Luke 5:27-32).  Tom’s class learned sign language for “I will follow Jesus,” and were sent home with a calendar for the season of Lent.  Each day presented a challenge to the student, for example, today’s challenge was “Give someone a hug.”  RoxAnn and Liz’s class worked together to dress the two disciples with only what Jesus told them they could take on their journey: sandals, a walking stick and a belt.  Afterward the kids played “I love Jesus bingo” and received a “thank-you” treat from a member of the congregation they had made a card for two weeks ago.

Our Paw Pantry donation items will be delivered next week.   The kids did great and I know they will be very grateful for the items received!