Epistle #39: “God Is Here!”

Ever wonder if God is really here?? I know as a younger person and even into my early adult years that was in and out of my thoughts. Wasn’t always sure? My mom and dad took me to church every Sunday, went to Sunday School, and youth fellowship. Very seldom missed a week! I believed in Him, but still kind of wondered? When I married Linda her faith was strong and she helped me continue growth in mine.

As I feel that I’ve shared with and loved God for virtually all of my life, I realize that He has given me many opportunities to strengthen my beliefs. Of these many blessings, I feel my belief in God was forever strengthened and verified from two events that especially stand out. I just knew He was there!

I had been working for Baker Electric and was offered a job to head up the tech dept. at the Winterset schools. I had mixed emotions about staying with Baker or taking a good opportunity at the school. I knew it would be a big change for our family. After some time, I finally decided to take the school job and was heading into work at Baker to let them know. As I drove, I found myself talking to God about it. Suddenly it became clear. I knew what to do! I turned around, wet back to school and told them I was staying with Baker. God had decided that that was the decision that He wanted for me! and He was right!

A number of years later I had the opportunity to take a teen youth group to Estes Park, Colorado, for the Rocky Mountain Youth Retreat. There were around 200 kids there and each night we had a youth-run worship service. I had never been at a place where God was sweeping around a room. I could feel Him there, moving through the youth and me! The place was magnetic, drawing each of us to Him! So hard to describe it! WOW!

God has touched my life and all of our lives in so many ways. I know He will be with US forever!


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