Epistle #51: “In Me You Have Everything” from St. Paul member RoxAnn Rhoads

Many of us have spent the last few months working hard to quarantine or social distance ourselves.  We are trying to avoid a nasty little bug that has spread, very quickly, across our country.

I remember my last “official” day out, my only care in the world was; it’s Friday the 13th !! AND a full moon!  Horrors!  Little did any of us know that was nothing compared to what was about to unfold.

As I started my isolation, I kept myself busy deep cleaning, throwing away stuff, painting, doing all those little things I didn’t seem to have time for before.  Funny, how something I thought was a big project actually was very minute.  After a short time I started really missing the social aspect of my life.  If you know me you know I love to visit, volunteer, and especially hug.  This has been a huge adjustment for me.  Something I still struggle with.  Then one day as I read in my prayer book, these words stood out for me;

“Trust Me one day at a time.  This keeps you close to Me, responsive to My will…..Exert your will to trust Me in all circumstances.  Don’t let your need to understand distract you from My Presence.  I will equip you to get through this day victoriously as you live in deep dependence on Me. Tomorrow is busy worrying about itself; don’t get tangled up in its worry-webs.  Trust Me one day at a time.”

Powerful words, how did He know I needed to hear those exact words that day?  Many times through this pandemic verses have reached out and He has talked TO me.  This has really touched me in ways I sometimes have a hard time understanding.  Then I remember He is always with Me…..AND also the other way around IF I take the time to talk and be with Him.

The verses, “Trust Me and Don’t be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song. Think what it means to have Me as your Strength.”  Along with “Rejoice and be Thankful! As you walk with Me through this day, practice trusting and thanking Me all along the way. Trust is the channel through which My Peace flows into you.  Thankfulness lifts you up above your circumstances.”

It’s almost like He knows what is happening on that day….but how?  Then it dawns on me…”In Me you have everything.  In Me you are complete.”

Throughout all this craziness, I am so very fortunate that I happen to take care of my granddaughters, who live very close to us.  So we have been going through this together. After one rather trying morning, I sat the girls down and we talked about the “sickness” that was going around.  They had both been unable to have their huge birthday celebrations with both families.  Couldn’t go to school, go on vacation, and missing their friends at school.  We chatted about how we ALL missed our friends, teachers, lunches, activities, etc.  The youngest (4) said to me, “No, grandma, you have that wrong. I like this time even with the sickness.”  I stopped and looked at her and asked, “Why?”  She calmly looked at me and said, “I actually love this, I get to be home all the time with my family.”

He wants us to be with our family through Him, interesting how my little granddaughter is so very wise.  Focusing and knowing what He wants us to remember;  Family. Spending time with each other, and time with Him.

Love, Peace, and Hugs,

RoxAnn Rhoads


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