Epistle #55: “Sowing Seeds” by Darrell Vossekuil

     In the last 35 years I’ve been on a personal quest. My quest comes in two parts. The first part comes in the question, why do people do the things they do to each other? Then, to try to understand the motivation behind it. The second part is, what would God have me do to try to alleviate the suffering and to help spread the universal truth that helps us all. In my search I’ve prayerfully asked for God’s guidance in my reading material. In my reading, I have come across two authors who have helped in my faith development greatly. They are Christian D Larson and James Allen. Today I would like to share a excerpt of from Allen’s book, ABOVE LIFE’S TURMOIL, SOWING AND REAPING.
Go into the fields and country lanes in the spring-time, and you will see farmers and gardeners busy sowing seeds in the newly prepared soil. If you were to ask one of those gardeners what kind of produce he expected from the seed he was sowing, he would doubtless regard you as foolish, and would tell you that he does not “expect” at all, that it is a matter of common knowledge that his produce will be of the kind which he is sowing, and that he is sowing wheat, barley, or turnips, as the case may be, in order to reproduce that particular kind.
Every fact and process in Nature contains a moral lesson for the wise man. There is no law in the world of Nature around us which is not to be found operating with the same mathematical certainty in the mind of man and in human life. All the parables of Jesus are illustrative of this truth, and are drawn from the simple facts of Nature. There is a process of seed-sowing in the mind and life a spiritual sowing which leads to a harvest according to the kind of seed sown. Thoughts, words, and acts are seeds sown, and, by the inviolability law of things, they produce after their kind.
The man who thinks hateful thoughts brings hatred upon himself. The man who thinks loving thoughts is loved. The man whose thoughts, words and acts are sincere, is surrounded by sincere friends; the insincere man is surrounded by insincere friends. The man who sows wrong thoughts and deeds, and prays that God will bless him, is in the position of a farmer who, having sown tares asks God to bring forth for him a harvest of wheat.
He who would be blest, let him scatter blessings. He who would be happy, let him consider the happiness of others.
Then there is another side to this seed sowing. The farmer must scatter all his seed upon the land, and then leave it to the elements. Were he to covetously hoard his seed, he would lose both it and his produce, for his seed would perish. It perishes when he sows it, but in perishing it brings forth a great abundance. So in life, we get by giving; we grow rich by scattering. The man who says he is in possession of knowledge which he cannot give out because the world is incapable of receiving it, either does not possess such knowledge, or, if he does, will soon be deprived of it- if he is
not already so deprived. To hoard is to lose; to exclusively retain is to be dispossessed.
Even the man who would increase his material wealth must be willing to part with (invest) what little capital he has, and then wait for the increase. So long as he retains his hold on his precious money, he will not only remain poor, but will be growing poorer every day. He will, after all, lose the thing he loves, and will lose it without increase. But if he wisely let’s go; if like the farmer, he scatters his seeds of gold, then he can faithfully wait for, and reasonably expect,  the increase.
Men are asking God to give them peace, purity, righteousness, and blessedness,
but are not obtaining these things; and why not? Because they are not practicing them, not sowing them. I once heard a preacher pray very earnestly for forgiveness, and shortly afterwards, in the course his sermon, he called upon his congregation to “show no mercy to the enemies of the church”. Such self-delusion is pitiful, and men have yet to learn that the way to obtain peace and blessedness is to scatter peaceful and blessed thoughts, words, and deeds.
Men believe that they can sow the seeds of strife, impurity, and unbrotherliness, and then gather a rich harvest of peace, purity and concord by merely asking for it. What more pathetic sight than to see an irritable and quarrelsome man praying for peace. Men reap that which they sow, and any man can reap all blessedness now and at once, if he put aside selfishness, and broadcast the seeds of kindness, gentleness, and love.
If a man is troubled, perplexed, sorrowful, or unhappy, let him ask:
“What mental seeds have I been sowing?”
“What have I done for others?”
“What is my attitude toward others?”
“What seeds of trouble, sorrow, and unhappiness have I sown that I should thus reap these bitter weeds?”
Let him seek within and find, and having found, let him abandon all the seeds of self, and sow henceforth, only the seeds of Truth.
Let him learn of the farmer the simple truths of wisdom.

Darrell Vossekuil

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