Friday, August 13 Announcements: Worship, Semi-Annual Meeting, God’s Work/Our Hands/Our Feet, God Squad, & More!

Good morning. Here are the Friday announcements.

1Come worship with us at 9:30 on Sunday!  Due to technical issues, we are not able to livestream our worship service. You are welcome to watch the service on our YouTube channel on Monday.
Pastor Ioan will be delivering the message based on Matthew 28:17-20. Here is a devotion based on that text: 

How had the resurrection changed things? Jesus now appears and disappears (as in the upper room with Thomas), He can allow people to recognize Him or hide His identity (the road to Emmaus), Jesus has gone to cross, resurrected and now changed from mortal flesh to a glorified body.

So some of the disciples are worshiping some are hesitant and confused so Jesus comes to them and gives them a clear mission. “18 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples.”

What we will see is that it is through obeying this command of Jesus to “go and make disciples” that the disciples will begin to realize how they are being made more like Christ and how they have been changed as well.

This “Great Commission” is for every believer to share the gospel with the lost world around them. As the body of Christ we must continue to share and preach the gospel to ourselves, but the “going” is not to church, but to the world.  – Drew Boswell

2. Congregation COVID Guidelines UpdateMasks are optional for all services and ministries at St Paul. Please come, worship, and be fed-we’ve missed you! We are also continuing to livestream Sunday services on our youtube channel, or you can catch the recording posted the next day. If you want to wear a mask, or keep some distance between yourself and others at any service or ministry, for any reason, please do so with St. Paul’s full blessing.

3. Upcoming Worship Helpers: Sunday, August 15, 9:30 am. – Greeters/Ushers: Jen & Tom Acton; Reader: Ann Bartelt; Sound: Jacque Mohs; Videographer: Tim Mohs; Musician: VBS Participants; Counters: Kim Patience, Lisa Vossekuil; Communion Bread: Genelle Thompson; Communion Servers (need two): Marilyn Mount, NEEDED

4. Upcoming Worship Helpers: Sunday, August 22, 9:30 am. – Greeters/Ushers (need two): NEEDED; Reader: NEEDED; Sound: Lori Paup; Videographer: Alan Paup; Musician: NEEDED; Singer: NEEDED; Counters: Jen Acton, Lisa Vossekuil; Communion Bread: Debi Martens; Communion Servers (need two): NEEDED

5.Sunday Bible Study: Bible Study meets in person only at 10:30 a.m. following Sunday morning worship in the front most classroom by the front office. During the class, we invite questions, comments, and connections, as we expand upon the readings from the worship service.  

6. Semi-Annual Meeting St. Paul’s semi-annual meeting will be held in person, at the church, on August 29th, 2021 at 10:30. Items on the agenda include updating the budget, and ministry reports (Youth, Vision, “God’s Work, Our Feet”, Pastor’s report).

7. Transportation Ministry – St. Paul has begun an ongoing Transportation Ministry. Our first recipients on this transportation ministry are Ronnie and Shirley Addy who need transportation to Ronnie’s kidney dialysis three days a week in south Des Moines at Fresenius Kidney Care, 6651 SW 9th Street.  His appointments begin at 10:30 a.m. and end at approximately 2:30 p.m. He needs to be picked up no later than 9:40 at North Ward, 415 N. 2nd Street, Winterset, at the south door of the east building. Ronnie will be unable to get into a high vehicle. Please contact Shirley with any questions 515-468-0121. Ronnie’s cell is 515-468-1982. You can choose to take Ronnie, pick him up, or do both.

Please use this link: to SignUp Genius to indicate when you will are willing to drive Ronnie to and/or from his appointment. Please include your cell phone number in the comments. This is a long-term ministry, so check back often as SignUp Genius is updated.

8. God’s Work. Our Hands. Our Feet. Click here to find out how our congregation is participating in service work right here in our community! 

9. Part-Time Office Manager St. Paul Lutheran Church seeking qualified candidates for 20 hours a week Office Manager position.  Click here for Job Description.  Apply with a brief one page (no more than 200ish words) letter of interest to Pastor Ioan for consideration.  Applications to be collected and reviewed until the position is filled.

10. VBS Thank you to all those who helped with VBS.  The camp staff said it was one of the best they’ve seen all Summer. The kids not only had fun but got God’s love shown to them through bible study, skits, song, and the caring presence of attentive adults. Our upcoming God Squad program should be similar in character and content as our VBS. Please encourage any families you know with 4 year olds through 6th graders to check out our Wednesday evening God Squad.  Here is a flyer and registration form to share.

11. God Squad  St. Paul wants to bring back our 4 year old through 6th grade Christian education ministry on Wednesday evenings, which we call God Squad.  God Squad is 5:40p-7:00p on Wednesdays throughout the school year starting September 15th, 2021. Thank you to the many who volunteered to prepare meals, lead activities or teach classes.  The last role needed is a God Squad Coordinator.  The program is set-up and volunteers recruited, but things happen along the way and we need a point person to help smooth out any hiccups throughout the year.  Please contact Pastor Ioan if you have questions about the coordinator position or wish to fulfill this helpful administrative role.

12Worship Service Helpers/Volunteers Needed!  If you are able and willing to help with our 9:30service, we need you!Please consider helping with St. Paul’s return to normalcy by volunteering. We especially need two Communion Servers for each Sunday to sign-up at this time, but there are lots of positions that need filling!  3 Easy ways to do it:
1.    Use Sign-Up Genius! It’s easy to access and will even send you a reminder of your commitment.   
2.    Volunteer Kiosk: We have set-up kiosks in the entryway.
3.    Call the Church office- 515-462-4270

13. Free Sunshine! If you would like to help mow the church lawn this season, and get your dose of Vitamin D, please use Sign Up Genius to sign up at Thank you!

14. Spotlight on Lutheran Services of Iowa – Uriyah felt overwhelmed by anxiety. During the pandemic, it was hard for him to even leave his room, talk to his family, and attend school. When classes moved online, he felt comfortable completing his homework and attending classes virtually. But when it was time to return to school for in-person classes, he would not attend. His mom, Holly, wanted him to be able to finish the school year virtually, but she needed help navigating the transition with his school. That’s when she learned about LSI’s STEP IN community program. Through the service, LSI social workers are there to build on a family’s strengths and ensure children and parents have what they need to thrive and create a brighter future. Children and teens in the program work with their LSI team to develop coping skills, conflict resolution, and healthy communication. The LSI team helped Uriyah feel more comfortable engaging with his family, and Holly had the support she needed to work with the school, advocate for her child, and ensure Uriyah could finish the school year online. Now, Uriyah has felt a weight lifted off his shoulders, and he successfully graduated out of LSI programming. The last year has created unprecendented stress and anxiety for many children and teens, but Uriyah now feels more comfortable and confident moving forward.

Church office phone: 515-462-4270

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Pastor Ioan Ittu: 515-419-5224

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