End of the Year PARTY!

Over the past two weeks our younger Sunday School kids have covered Saul to Paul, Acts 9:1-20 and Peter and Tabitha, Acts 9:36-43.  Our older students have discussed John 21:1-19 and Matthew 28:16-20.   Beth gave the younger students an intro to bell choir and they loved it!   She’s the best!


Our God Squad students have worked through the Believe unit and John 20:24-31, Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 4:32-37.  Wednesday is the last day of God Squad for the season. Following the meal, our students will fulfill their end of the year charity project. Tom’s class is shopping for the food and PAW pantry and Roxann and Liz’s class will finish out their contribution to the ELCA’s Good Gifts program!  Last week our older kids played the “Pie Face” game.  I’m sure they came home quite messy…but it sure was fun!


All God Squad and Sunday School students are invited to our end of the year party, this Sunday from 9-10:20.  Feel free to bring the younger non-school students to this event too!  We would love to see all the kids there!   We’ll have donuts, a bounce house, temporary tattoos, bubbles, games and a craft!   I’ll have the wheel set up, and at the end of the party the kids will come inside to spin for their prize! We received some great donations for prizes from HyVee, Montross and Frostees! If we have bad weather, we’ll move as much of the party inside as we can!

My first three months working with our St. Paul kids has gone fast!  I can’t believe it!  Over this short time, I truly feel like I have been beyond blessed with amazing kids, parents and teachers!  I couldn’t do it without all of you and our wonderful congregation! THANK YOU!  See you Sunday!