Christmas Program Details

Season’s Greetings!

We are excited to announce that Alan Feirer and Beth Miller will be heading up the Youth Christmas Program again this year!  It will be Sunday, December 11th during both services.  Courtney will provide activities and snacks between services to keep the kids entertained.

The 2nd-6th grade Christmas Program Practice will begin this Wednesday evening during the God Squad hour.  ALL God Squad kids and St. Paul Sunday School kids are invited to participate in the program. We will start with a meal at 5:15 as usual and practice will start at 5:30 and run until 6:30.  Attendance is mandatory the first night since we assign parts that night.  If you cannot make it Wednesday night, please let Beth or Courtney know in advance so Beth can save a part out.  Attendance at both services on December 11 is required for a speaking part.

PreK-1st practice will be Sunday mornings starting in November during the Sunday school music portion. They will continue to hold regular God Squad class sessions with RoxAnn and Liz as usual while the older kids practice.

We have a variety of part sizes available.  Please discuss with your child what size part they will feel most comfortable with.  The large parts usually run 10-15 lines, medium size parts 5-10 and small parts 1-4.  We also have non-speaking roles if they feel more comfortable that way.

We will provide all costumes or make them easily attainable.  No special purchases should be made to participate.

All lines must be memorized by the end of November.

If you have any questions, please call Beth at 205-9519.  We are looking forward to seeing your children Wednesday night!

Reminder: Bell Choir starts this Wednesday after the Christmas Program Practice (6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.).  If you want to sign your third-sixth grader up please contact Beth Miller!  Second graders will be accepted into bell choir on a case by case basis. Please speak to Beth if you have a second grader interested in Bell Choir.

Thank you for your participation!

Beth Miller
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