Fall is HERE!

It’s finally starting to feel like fall! Over the past two weeks, the Pre-K through 3rd grade Sunday School kids have covered “Two Masters,” Luke 16:1-13 and “Parable of the Rich Man,” Luke 16:19-31.  Our Pre-K students even went home with some fun “You Can Help” kits courtesy of Camma Stott!  Our 4th-6th graders are working on Genesis and covered “Creation and God’s Image,” and “Trusting God: Noah and the Flood.”  I cannot rave enough about all of our educators this year…they are awesome!

Over the past two weeks our God Squad kids have discussed “Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors,” and “Joseph in Egypt.”   Practice for the Christmas Program will begin Oct. 12 (More details to come on that next week).

We still need to find volunteers to provide and serve the Oct. 12 and Dec. 14 (Christmas Party) God Squad Meals.  If you’re interested please let Courtney know!   Thank you for trusting us with your children, they are such a ray of sunshine for our church!